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Rain and Gutters

Aluminum Expanded Wire Gutter Guards

Senox offers a wide selection of Gutter Guards to protect your rain gutters from clogging. A number of factors, including...

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New Concealed Downspout Hangers

Concealed downspout hangers support a clean finish to downspout installation. The vertical lines of a downspout continue uninterrupted from the...

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Research and Development

Quality At Senox we are constantly searching for ways to make gutter installation easier and more cost effective for our...


Shank & Circle: External Hangers for Half Round Gutters

Installing half round gutters with external hangers adds a rustic look to any home. It is important to remember that not...


Gutter Machine Service

Serving the seamless gutter industry for over 40 years, Senox understands how crucial a properly functioning gutter machine is for...