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Rain and Gutters
Drill screw tight against hanger

Internal Hangers: Proper use and installation

Three Rules For A Proper Installation 1: START 6 INCHES Install the first hanger 6 inches from the end of...

Miter installation

Strip Miters: Making the Right Connections

Miters join two gutters together around a corner. Generally the place where leaks will most likely form, the miter should...


Downspout Diverter System

The Downspout Diverter System and the Diverter Selector Valve are easy options to direct rainwater to your rain barrel. Add a...

Springsaver50_Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels: Collecting Rainwater with Ease

Senox offers high quality rain barrels as a simple and effective solution for rainwater collection. The SpringSaver 50 and the...


Rainwater Collection

Springtime rains offer great opportunities to collect rain water. The average roof (1000 sq. ft.) will collect over 600 gallons...