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Rain and Gutters
FIG 1: Plumb Gutters

Gutter Talk: Common Gutter Industry Terms

Here at Senox, we’ve been in the seamless rain gutter industry for over 40 years so we’re used to talking...

Installed Expansion Joint

Expansion Joints: Proper Allowance for Gutter Expansion

Expansion Joints are a component in seamless rain gutter systems designed to protect the gutters from the effects of thermal...

social_Black MAX_Punch

Black MAX Punch: A Better Way to Install Outlets

Lighter With its compact, light weight design, Black MAX® punches are convenient and superior to other outlet punches that can...


Painted Aluminum: The Best Colors to Complement Your Home

Senox believes that seamless rain gutters should complement the design of your home. Whether that means they blend in with...

social_Year in Review_6

Looking Back at 2015

We strive to bring you the best new products and information to better equip you for life in the seamless...