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Rain and Gutters
This Month at Senox: November 2015

This Month at Senox: November 2015

NEW In Stock Rain Chains Senox® is now stocking Hammered Cup Rain Chains in a variety of new finishes. We’ve...

Tiger Striping on Rain Gutter

Tiger Striping & How to Stop It

Dirt, pollen, and pollutants are attracted to the droplets of dew that form on the lip of rain gutters. When...

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NEW Quarter Moon Downspout Hangers

 Quarter Moon downspout hangers provide a new solution for downspouts of different colors, styles, and sizes.   For Rectangular Downspouts...


5 Ways to Reduce Heat Buckling

Rain gutters and other exterior features are subjected to a range of temperatures throughout the year. From freezing cold winters...


NEW In Stock Rain Chains

Rain Chains are a functional and elegant replacement for conventional downspouts, adding a touch of style to your home. Each...